git-lp collaboration tool for git users

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git-lp is a tool that allows you to use git to work with


Make sure to see the tutorial that is built right into git-lp with:

$ git lp tutorial

Now back to the web edition! Create a new repository for working with a single project:

$ git lp init checkbox && cd checkbox

Get the initial code from This can be accelerated if you have an existing bzr branch somewhere (pass the --cache option)

$ git lp fetch

Start working on a feature/bug in a dedicated branch:

$ git lp branch feature-foo

While you want:

At any time you can push your branch to for reviews. This will push the code to lp:~yourlaunchpadusername/project/feature-foo.

$ git lp push

You can easily react to review feedback: commit new patches, rework and amend existing patches, anything that you want to. Once you are ready share your code again just run push again. You may need to pass --overwrite to push if you've been rewriting history though (but that is okay as you're working on a merge request and it has not yet landed)

$ git lp push --overwrite


This has been tested on Ubuntu 12.10 Quantal with bzr trunk but I believe it should apply cleanly to packaged versions as well.

  1. Install bzr, git and bzr-fastimport
  2. Download
  3. Apply it to your system (reinstall bzr to revert)

    You may want to read the outcome of this merge request to know if this patch has been accepted or well reviewed by the Bazaar maintainers. Once this is fixed then you won't have to patch your bzr anymore obviously.

  4. Put git-lp ( somewhere in your PATH.